Incentive Programs

This is a new service that Online Solutions has added to the product line.  Dealing with Human Resources professionals and sale departments for close to 20 years we have received request for incentive programs.  Human Resources are always looking for ways to retain and motivate employees.  Sales managers are always looking for creative ways to increase sales and award customers.

How does this program work?

You can run promotions, sales goals, dealer incentives to move your product, billing incentives to pay on time, reward employees, and so on.  It can be used how ever you want to use it.

Your customers, employees, dealers, manufacture reps and so on can earn points and redeem them on a customize platform site designed to your needs. They can purchases anything from travel, airline tickets, computers, apparel, dinner, gift cards and so on.

We will update this section as the weeks go by.

Please contact us for information or a demo.