Social Media Recruiting

Social Recruiting with Online Solutions is the best way to keep your business in the loop with social media.  It is the new way to hire qualified candidates by working with the power of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, recruiters can now source job seekers, be pushed referrals and recruit in a fast, highly targeted and low-cost way.

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Here are the benefits of using Social Recruiting. 

  • Speed. Seekers get notifications of your jobs instantly so you fill vacancies faster
  • Reach. Over 1 BILLION people use social media sites each day in every city, state and country
  • Quality. Receive applications through trusted referrals and from highly targeted seekers
  • Reputation. Engaging through social networks builds your workplace reputation and culture
  • Closing. Building trust with candidates socially results in higher offer acceptance rates later
  • Retention. New hires have deeper knowledge of your company before they accept an offer and will stay longer
  • Branding. Using social media for hiring creates powerful long-term brand recognition for your company
  • Community. Increased seeker awareness creates talent communities for you to tap into as vacancies arise in the future

Social Media Recruiting with Online Solutions can make your Social Recruiting easy by connecting your with TweetMyJobs. We will navigate the complexities of hiring through social networks. We do all the work for you so you succeed at social media recruiting.

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