1. Checklist: What to Include in a New Employee Manual

    Employee manuals are not only helpful for new employees during orientation. These tools also protect you in the case of potential lawsuits. While creating an employee manual is not the simplest or most enjoyable project, it can be an opportunity for explaining your expectations and describing company policies. Creating an...
  2. Double-Edged Sword: Using Social Media to Screen Job Candidates

    In addition to cover letters, resumes, and interviews, job applicants are subject to another layer of scrutiny. Their social media profiles are now being checked out by many employers. An individual’s social media profiles and online presence contain a wealth of information; there is much more there than on a...
  3. Welcome to the Online Solutions Blog

    Welcome to the Official Online Solutions Blog! I am pleased to use this blog to share relevant recruiting and human resources information. I’ll be posting news in the HR world and employee recruiting tips. Who is Online Solutions? Brad Hansen began Online Solutions as a way to help companies improve...